Composite or Natural Wood Decks

You’ve just moved in—and you want your house to become a home…inside and OUT. With Spring here, now is the perfect time to get the outside of your home looking the way you want it to. Adding grass, flowers, mulch, and a deck may be on your checklist for this Spring. What is the best deck to put in your backyard? There are two good options: composite and natural wood decks. This article will discuss the pro’s and con’s to each type of deck.

Composite decks are initially more expensive than a natural deck but have less maintenance in the long run. Composite decking is made up of a combination of plastic and wood particles. There are two types of composite decks that you can buy. One is hollow and the other is solid. The hollow composite decks are on the lower-end of the price scale. These types of decks can hold water that can warp the boards, but the boards will expand and contract less than the solid boards. The solid boards are stronger than the hollow and have a more realistic appearance. A con to the solid composite decks are that they have a greater tendency to expand and contract compared to the hollow. When it comes to composite decks you can buy scratch resistant boards, and UV protected decking to keep maintenance cost down.

Natural wood decks are the original deck. This type of deck requires more maintenance overall and needs more care in the long-run. The initial investment will determine the needed upkeep for the lifetime of your deck. Depending on the type of wood you choose for your natural wood deck determines how much money you spend initially, how soon you will need a new wood for you deck, and how much upkeep you will need to do throughout its life. The less expensive woods will be more prone to warping and rotting, while more expensive woods will be less prone to rotting and more durable.

Living in Oklahoma and in Tornado Alley, the weather can get bad in the summertime with thunderstorms, so it is good to keep that in mind when making your decision for the type of deck you choose. A more durable deck in the Oklahoma area will last much longer, so whatever you choose between a composite deck or a natural wood deck make sure it’s lifetime and durability is one you approve.

By Green Haven Homes 4-3-2017


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