How to Make Your Home Cozy

When it’s cold outside there is only one place that you really want to be and that is inside, cozy next to a fire. Homes might not be the coziest after coming out of the summer months. There are cost effective ways to make your home cozy, making it feel like you’ll never want to leave. Green Haven Homes has beautiful homes that will make you want to stay in every Friday night. We build homes that are cozy from the beginning but its what you adorn your home with that really makes a difference.


Being sure that you have fuzzy blankets, rugs, and pillows is always a must. More times than not when you go to sit down on your couch you’ll grab for the fuzzy blanket over all the other ones. Fuzzy rugs are perfect for your feet as you walk through your home with cold floor. These types of materials tend to be more inviting than others. In addition to this, you can never have to many blankets. One per person in the family and then enough for the guest too. They will love coming over to play games and sit around the fire this way.


Your living room isn’t the only room that needs to be made cozy. We all spend a lot of time in our own room, in the morning and at night. Therefore, its in order that your room is warm and cozy too. Even though many do reading on their tablets instead of actual books but regardless of what you like to read from, you need a good place to curl up on. A comfy lounge chair in your bedroom with a blanket beside it is just what is in order. Adding a little space heater to your room right next to your chair will help to make your room feel cozy.


Family’s often love to hang out together in their living room. This allows for much family fun time. However, there is nothing that says that it has to be there. Nooks can be a beautiful little place to escape to when you create them. If you had little ones that are going from a twin bed into a bigger bed, then don’t throw that mattress out just yet. Creating a little nook is one of the best ways to create a cozy atmosphere. One way to do this is by placing the twin bed against a wall with pillows to be able to sit around and enjoy the company of everyone with other comfy chairs around as well. This can be an area with no T.V. so that you’re cozy, spending true quality family time together. A space where you can all just get away to.

Green Haven Homes is all about family time and making a home affordable. Times and seasons are constantly changing and therefore our homes and how we like them are continually changing as well. Making those changes affordable can be a challenge. Green Haven Homes wants to be able to help all families make their home cozy and warm in an affordable way. Our homes themselves are also made affordable for first time home buyers. This has been our goal from the start! Check out the homes we have available.

By Green Haven Homes 12-6-2017


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