It is time for a spring clean

Spring is here and in the air, there is nothing like a good spring cleaning to start off the warmer seasons. Most people think of this and sigh but we are here to tell you that it can be fun and enjoyable. You must do it... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 3-14-2017

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Landscape with the Best Plants for your Region

Every year spring comes around and you plan to plant beautiful plants and flowers around your home. Trouble is, what plants do you plant where and when? You have different types of plants such as prairie plants, rock garden plants, and then plants that thrive in... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 2-15-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Improvement, Home Life, Oklahoma City

10 Tips To Get Your New Home Ready For Spring

Even though your home is new, there are a few things you can do to get your home ready for Spring and out of the Winter time look. These items are good to do every year, keeping your home looking beautiful and ready for another wonderful... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 1-31-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Improvement, Home Maintenance


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... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 5-12-2016

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