How to Make Your home Smell like Fall

Making your home smell like the aromas of Fall is always a delight. Pumpkin spice latte, ginger bread, and apple spice are just a few to be named. The challenge is finding the smells you love that aren’t harmful to you and the family. Many candle smells are artificial and if you’re on a health kick like most moms then you might be wondering how to get those amazing smells without all the bad in them. Let’s get into the best ways to make your house smell cozy without any harmful chemicals.

Simmering Pot

A simmering pot is one of the easiest ways to make your home smell like the beautiful aromas of fall. You can easily make pumpkin spice, apple cider, gingerbread and many more smells! The base is always the same, a boiling pot of water. Then you add your desired ingredients that cause your home to smell amazing. For example, pumpkin spice is as easy as throwing 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 pieces of candied ginger, and a clove of nutmeg into the boiling water for that wonderful smell. Just be sure to check on it every half hour to make sure that there is still water in it.

Make Your Own Candle

Making a candle is a bit harder than just throwing a couple of ingredients into a boiling pot of water. However, it can be a good activity to do with the kiddos who are a little bit older. What is nice about a candle is that they give off a beautiful light that adds a certain feel to your home. To give it the smell that you want it to give off when lit, when you’re melting the wax stir in the desired essential oils. It may be advantageous to create an oil blend that you love first and then just mix in the oil blend to the melted wax.

Fall Carpet Cleaning

You might be wondering what carpet cleaning has to do with fall smells but in fact it has a lot to do with the smell of your home. There is a little trick that you can do to make your home smell like that perfect pumpkin pie that takes too much work to make. By taking just a 1/2 cup of baking soda and a few drops of that favorite essential oil blend mixed together, sprinkled on your carpet and then vacuumed up will leave your home smelling fantastic.

Your home is your place to be you and create what you want. Let it be you in every way, including your favorite smells of the season. Making those perfect aromas yourself will give you piece of mind knowing that they are completely safe and natural. Green Haven Homes knows that even the smell of a house can make it a home. Look at the homes that we have available today!

By Green Haven Homes 11-1-2017


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