It is time for a spring clean

Spring is here and in the air, there is nothing like a good spring cleaning to start off the warmer seasons. Most people think of this and sigh but we are here to tell you that it can be fun and enjoyable. You must do it right and systematically. You’re in a new home, though, do you really need to do a spring cleaning? Well, the answer is yes for more than one reason. What you do now will set the pattern for what you will do as the years go on. Not only that but no matter how short a time you’ve been somewhere, dust and dirt get in and settle whether we can see it or not. Take the moment this spring and freshen up your new home outside, inside, and in your appliances so that it always stays the way you bought it.

Here are a couple of items that will help your home keep its beauty and functionality. As the sun breaks through the winter clouds and spring shines upon your home you’ll notice a couple of things that need to be done. Throughout the winter, you can get stuff that gets stuck in your gutters that need to be cleaned out. Windows need to be cleaned on the outside as winter time has left its mark on them. Cleaning up the yard and fertilize it; it’s important to keep your yard growing throughout the summer months that will be coming.

Inside is important as well; even if you haven’t been there long the dust can automatically collect over a short period of time. Opening the windows to let the fresh air in is always a good idea. After that, you’ll want to take your sheets and comforters off your beds and throw them in the wash. Be sure to remember that it’s good to throw pillows and curtains in the dryer on air dry for 15 minutes to freshen them up. In the meantime, give a good dusting to your home. This will help with the allergy season coming up. When dusting and cleaning some hard to reach places like lighting fixtures, don’t over think it. When it comes to things like that you can throw them in the dishwasher to get a good clean.

Whether your appliances are brand new or older it’s always good to clean and maintain them. A good appliance to clean is your dishwasher. Cleaning out the old food that is stuck in it and then running it with nothing in it will help to make sure it never starts to smell and always cleans your dishes well. Another appliance to clean is your washer and dryer. Running your washer empty with a solution to clean and sanitize will ensure that it never starts to get smelly. Be sure to clean the garbage disposal, shower and tub drains to keep them free flowing.

So with a good cleaning outside, inside and in appliances, your home will keep its beauty but also its functionality. This will help as the years go on in your new home. So get your family together and talk about the best way to clean your home this spring and then enjoy working together on it!

By Green Haven Homes 3-14-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Improvement, Home Life, Home Maintenance


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