Getting Your Home Ready In The Fall

Cleaning out your gutters before winter.

Cleaning out your gutters before winter.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. No doubt you love looking at your home as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. With the air crisp and smelling of the season it couldn’t be a better time of year. With all the change of the season though you might notice that there needs to be some work done in order to prepare your home for winter and keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

With winter coming soon you can guess where you and your family will be most days: camped out on the floor next to the fireplace. Knowing that, it’s always good to clean the carpets before you spend the next several months there. You can get them cleaned by a professional or there are many places where you can buy or rent a machine to clean them. As you sit next to the fireplace and the cold comes you likely look out your window to see what the weather will bring. Many times though you look out and you see the smudges and smears of hands. Window cleaning is good to get take care of before winter starts. It’s best to do on a cloudy day so that the windows don’t streak.

Some inside projects that are good to do in the fall before winter arrives are flipping your mattress and cleaning all of the blankets and comforters that you will be using. As you go through the rooms doing all that you will notice that it is a good idea to do a good heavy cleaning of each room. Fresh-air is a natural antibiotic and good cleanser so, as you’re cleaning your rooms it’s good to open up the windows before the air gets too cold. Giving rooms a new look for the winter is always nice because you can rearrange it to bring a brighter and peppier look for fighting off the winter blues.

Appliances always need to be checked to make sure they are in good working condition. Winter brings cold and you want your house to be warm. So getting a maintenance check and tune-up for your furnace is always a good idea. You want to make sure you will be warm! Something that is very important too is to check the hoses connected to your washer machine, dryer and its vent. That way you avoid the trouble of having repair such items in the middle of winter.

Projects outside your home are a must as well. Gutters need to be cleaned from all of the debris and leaves that build up in them. This will contribute to the health and maintenance of your roof. When you think about the weather changing, you often think of your air conditioner only to turn it off. When you turn it off though it’s good to take a moment to go outside and cover it to keep it in a good condition for the spring and summer. Along with that, make sure to have your sprinkler system blown out so that a pipe doesn’t bust.

Keep your home looking as beautiful as the day you brought it with a little maintenance and cleaning this fall!

By Green Haven Homes 9-28-2016

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