About Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Sky Line

Oklahoma City has developed a reputation for being one of the most appealing cities in the United States. It frequently tops lists of "Best Cities for Families" and "Best Cities in the U.S" for good reason. Oklahoma City is a city like none other. With a unique metropolitan atmosphere that offers a wide variety of the arts, top of the line healthcare, as well as an amazing educational system. The cost of housing, groceries and other necessities are always reported lower than the national average. The commute time in OKC is on average less than 20 minutes so the ease of getting from Point A to Point B has always been something to take note of. We boast nearly 250 days of sunshine per year so any out door activity is plentiful.

Oklahoma City boasts one of the strongest economic enviroments in the U.S. Low unemployment rates, affordable yet luxurious housing and a strong sense of community help create a low-stress atmosphere and contented citizens. No matter what your lifestyle is, the Oklahoma City area has something for everyone. With a thriving urban environment downtown and an abundance of lakes, rivers and trails for the outdoorsy types, there is always something for everyone to do in all seasons.

Our schools are either brand new or newly renovated where the motto is “Quality, commitment and accountability”. Our school system is a leader in childhood education and has received national recognition.

With such a large land area OKC has some of the best suburban living areas in the nation. Just because you are living in the suburbs does not mean you have to live out of the city either. OKC offers a unique environment where suburbia and city living come together in the best of ways.


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