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Green Haven Homes CEO Mahdie Farzaneh

Mahdie Farzaneh comes from a long line of the most successful home builders in the state. Mahdie is faithful to his family heritage of tremendous work ethic, inquisitive learning mindset, quick study and being disciplined to sacrifice for his goals. Successful homebuilding is in Mahdie's DNA. He began his career at a young age and assumed management and leadership roles in the home building industry with his father’s home building business.

Mahdie was born and raised in Norman, OK and received his degree from the University of Oklahoma. This degree helped Mahdie to realize that he could accomplish great things, once he committed. Mahdie’s commitment to “Everyone has a home” and to green sustainable building practices have propelled his Green Haven Homes business. Mahdie's vision is to build one of the most successful home building enterprises in Oklahoma, so he can help solve the homeless problem by donating some of his profits to organizations dedicated to assisting in housing the less fortunate.

Mahdie's dedication to building homes of high quality and great value while incorporating the individual tastes of his buyer is a key tenant for achieving this success. Mahdie is so dedicated to this vision that he has created a 3 Fold Commitment to his customers:

Our 3 fold Commitment to YOU:

1 Because our purpose is "Everyone has a home"; for every home we build, we promise to donate part of our proceeds to an organization that helps house lower income families.

2 We promise to design your home with a style that reflects your personality so that it becomes your comfortable haven.

3 We promise to involve you during the critical steps of the building process and to check with you every 3 months for the first year of ownership, to be sure that you are delighted with our work.

Mahdie has a passion of treating others with respect and humility; in a way that they would like to be treated. Others describe Mahdie as being friendly, warm, engaging, caring and trustworthy. "I value people. As such, I strive to put myself in their shoes and figure out what it would take for them to be glad that they know me and that they have done business with me."

Mahdie has been married for over 4 years to a wonderful young lady and is passionate about helping Oklahoma prosper, attracting new enterprises and making Oklahoma the best place in the country in which to live. Mahdie is involved in various chambers in order to add value to the communities in which he operates.

Mahdie brings to his customers, over 10 years of custom home building experience. As a home buyer, you can be confident that having your home built by Mahdie Farzaneh will result in an exceptionally satisfying building experience. Green Haven Homes’ mission is to have you delighted with your home so that you tell others.


  • BE AMBITIOUS: We think big, and envision the future.
  • BE COMMITTED: We do what it takes to achieve the objective. Where there is a will there is a way.
  • BE KIND: Putting other's needs before our own & going the extra mile to serve others.
  • BE CONFIDENT: Comes from competence. We strive to be competent in all that we do and continue to improve.
  • VALUE RELATIONSHIPS: We value relationships based upon trust and friendship.

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