Buying a new home can seem daunting, and is definitely something you would not want to rush into without being aware of all the steps and risks involved. For a lot of families it can be the most important decision they could ever make. That is why having the right help and direction is so vital on the path to home ownership.

Things To Know About Mortgages

Green Haven Homes works with trustworthy lenders who are able to provide a range of different mortgage programs with the intent of making the process of buying a home as advantageous to you and your family as possible. There are numerous mortgage options available to you, and our team of professionals will do whatever they can to make sure that you find one that suits your needs and situation.

Available Loan Options

When buying a home, it is vital you know the difference between the types of mortgage options. Fixed-rate loans are a great option for those that want a stable payment that remains the same throughout the entirety of the term. The applicable taxes and insurance prices can fluctuate, but your payments with always remain the same. Adjustable-rate loans are different in that they start with a lower interest rate, but they can increase after a set term. These loans are more flexible for those home owners that might need to move again or need to refinance.

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration), USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) and VA (United States Department of Veteran Affairs) offer loans insured by the government. Loans from these sources have very low, if any, down payment obligations. A lot of the times, these loans are less strict and have less procedure involved.


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