How to Save on Heating Cost

The fall and winter bring rising heating bills. Trying to keep the house warm while keeping the heating cost down is a struggle. Finding the balance between the two can be challenging. If you’re trying to keep your heating cost down and save a couple of... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 11-13-2018

How to get Your Home Ready this Fall

We are getting close to that time of year again where we need to think about lawn care. Keeping in mind what will need to take place here in a month or so will allow you the time to get the needed materials and plan out... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 9-4-2018

How to Prepare for Storms

Storms are bound to happen this time of year. This can leave a lot of damage to your home and car. This means that you need to be prepared when one comes. Green Haven Homes understands that unforeseen occurrences happen but being in the home building business we also... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 6-27-2018

Tile Care for Your Home

Often with a new home you have beautiful tile in your bathrooms and kitchen, but it doesn’t always seem to stay that way for long. Green Haven Homes understand this because we put tile in the homes we build. So, how do you keep it... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 4-5-2018

Dog Care in the Winter

We love our little furry creatures. However, in the winter time it can get a little crazy not being able to let all their energy burn off outside. Let’s face the facts, we don’t really like to go out in the cold if we don’t have... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 1-24-2018

How to Make Your Home Cozy

When it’s cold outside there is only one place that you really want to be and that is inside, cozy next to a fire. Homes might not be the coziest after coming out of the summer months. There are cost effective ways to make your home... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 12-6-2017

How to Make Your home Smell like Fall

Making your home smell like the aromas of Fall is always a delight. Pumpkin spice latte, ginger bread, and apple spice are just a few to be named. The challenge is finding the smells you love that aren’t harmful to you and the family. Many candle smells are... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 11-1-2017

Decorating Your Home for the Fall

Fall is a very beautiful time of year. There isn’t much time left before it will be here. As the temperature starts to drop and the kids begin school you’ll quickly be reminded that fall is right around the corner. As fall makes its way here... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 8-30-2017

How to Choose Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. Having it in your home can add a rustic cozy feel to your home. Or it can give a modern and sleek design to your home. Different woods and their patterns will give you a different look and feel to your home.... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 8-1-2017

Organize Your Home

Messy living room with clothes and other stuff

Life gets busy and it can be so easy to let the home go as we might not have time to tidy things up or maybe we just aren’t as organized as we wish we were. Whichever the case is we all have hopes that we... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 6-13-2017


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