Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Green Haven Homes is committed to building green, sustainable, enduring homes. We believe that "Everyone Has a Home" and we want to help you find yours. If you would like assistance in finding your dream home contact us today!

It’s finally warm again, the birds are singing,... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 4-27-2021

Why Owning a New Home Is Better Than Renting

Green Haven Homes believes in quality over expediency, in keeping our customers involved in the process, and in providing responsive customer service at all times. We want all to achieve their "home sweet home".

The... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 3-19-2021

CATEGORIES: First Time Home Buyer

Common Items that Clutter Up Your Home

Every family has different wants and needs when it comes to their home. That is why over at Green Haven Homes we are committed to building homes with those wants and needs in mind. Whether you want a little more room in the [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 2-22-2021

First Time Homebuyers Guide

At Green Haven Homes, our belief is that everyone should have a home. First time homebuyers arguably face the most challenges on this front. Which is understandable because there are a lot of intimidating legal aspects to the act of buying a home. If... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 1-21-2021

How to Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings used to be an extremely convenient and popular trend in homes. Adding this type of texture to a home's ceilings was quick since builders did not have to spend as much time making the ceiling look smooth and neat. This technique also allowed them... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 12-22-2020

Annual Chores Every Homeowner Should Do

Many major issues that homeowners are likely to experience can be avoided or lightened with proper care and regular maintenance. At Green Haven Homes, we want to make sure that your home brings you joy and not stress. That is why we want to... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 11-20-2020

A Few Posh Bathroom Flooring Ideas

People choose to renovate their bathrooms for several reasons. And ideas on what you want to change and how you want everything to look can all be too exciting. One area of the bathroom that has the potential to completely influence the entire room is your flooring. Whether... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 10-30-2020

How to Have Fresh Herbs All Year

When temperatures drop and seasons change, getting the fresh flavors you crave can become a real challenge. While grocery stores offer imported produce, such specimens pale in comparison to summer’s bounty. There is no finer food than that available in season or at the farmer’s market... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 9-28-2020

Pantry Staples that Basically Last Forever

When you tour a Green Haven Home, you will surely notice the detail and thought we put into building the kitchen. We know that the kitchen is a focal point in the home. That is why we make sure to create ones with spacious... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 8-20-2020

Reasons to Bring a Puppy into Your Home

At Green Haven Homes we enjoy building homes that families can make memories in. That is why we build kitchens you want to gather in, living rooms you want to cuddle in, and backyards you can play in. So much goes into... [read more]

By Green Haven Homes 7-23-2020



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