How to Clean Your Oven

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Whether kids are just getting home from school and are rummaging for snacks, or you are preparing a thoughtful home cooked meal for friends or family, the kitchen is a place where we all naturally gravitate towards. At Green Haven Homes, we know that. That is why we love to design open concept kitchen areas so that it is an easy place to gather. When you are as popular as the kitchen though, you have certain appliances that get a lot of love. The Dishwasher: true MVP of after dinner chores. The Refrigerator: master of chill. The Oven: true Renaissance… appliance? Regardless of how that term translates to the oven, I am sure we can all agree it has many talents and is used quite frequently. With that being the case, no doubt our ovens have seen their fair share of spills and burnt on remains of past dishes. And it is unlikely that many of us have the time to clean our ovens as regularly as we like. But have no fear! Cleaning your oven does not have to be a back breaking event.

What if I told you that your journey to a sparkling clean oven begins with two simple items commonly found in your pantry? It’s true. Baking soda and vinegar, just those two ingredients. What is great about this mixture is that it is free of any harmful chemicals. This is especially nice when it is being used inside your home, particularly in a space that is for cooking your food. These ingredients work together to lift heavy grease, so you can easily wipe it away. If the scent of vinegar is too pungent for you, a few drops of your favorite essential oil should be an easy remedy. To make this mixture, combine ¾ cups baking soda with ¼ cup warm water.

Remember to remove your racks and place them in your sink or another place with dishwashing liquid and allow them to soak. Scrubbing them thoroughly with a scouring pad should suffice. Next you will want to apply the paste all over the inside surface of your oven. Get a good night’s rest and let the mixture do most of the work. When you return, it is time for you to finish the job. Take a plastic scraper and get to it! Simply scrape off the paste and follow up with a damp cloth to remove streaks. Finally, you will want to polish up the glass face of your oven. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in combination with a microfiber cloth to shine that baby up. If you do not have a microfiber cloth a normal one will do as well.

And that is it! You never have to clean your oven ever again. If only… However, if you follow this recipe every few weeks, you can stay on top of the black crusty grime that loves your oven almost as much as you do. For more tips and tricks, browse the rest of our blog. And if you are in the market for a new home with an enviable kitchen, contact us today!

By Green Haven Homes 6-30-2019


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