How to get Your Home Ready this Fall

We are getting close to that time of year again where we need to think about lawn care. Keeping in mind what will need to take place here in a month or so will allow you the time to get the needed materials and plan out when you’d like to do this. There are trees that need to be cared for, sprinkler systems that will need to be shut down, and grass to be fertilized. This can seem daunting but by taking the time to know what will need to be done ahead of time can save you time in the long run.


You’ll want to wrap your trees. This helps to not stress your tree bark. When fall and winter arrive the temperature drops, freezing the tree bark and then the sun comes out to warm it up. The extreme temperature changes to the tree can do a number on them. The way to help avoid this is to wrap them with tree wrap. Along with that you’ll want to keep in mind that your trees will still need to be watered once a month after you shut the sprinkler down with about 20 gallons of water depending on the size of the tree.


You’ll want to fertilize your lawn with a type of fertilizer that causes the roots to grow instead of top growth. This will allow your grass to make its roots stronger so that it will go through the winter and on to the next summer to return green. That is all that any homeowner really wants, green grass in their yard. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t over fertilize and burn it right before it goes dormant. Be sure to follow the directions on the back of your fertilizer. Additionally, you’ll want to turn off your sprinkler system before the first freeze. Keep an eye on the weather as we hit fall!


You’ll want to make sure to bring your plants in when it starts to get cold so that you can keep them alive during the winter. This is also the time to start planting your fall bulbs. You’ll want to plant them anywhere from 3-6 weeks before the ground freezes if you’re in zones 1-7. It would be advantageous to look at when the ground froze last year. For zones 8-11 they will need to pre-chill their bulbs in the refrigerator for 6-10 weeks and then plant them.

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By Green Haven Homes 9-4-2018


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