Decorating Your Home for the Fall

Fall is a very beautiful time of year. There isn’t much time left before it will be here. As the temperature starts to drop and the kids begin school you’ll quickly be reminded that fall is right around the corner. As fall makes its way here there is some practical steps that needs to be done to get your home ready for the beautiful season ahead. While we get the practical steps done around the house we will make sure to make it look beautiful too. By putting a mat at the front door, laying out the rugs, and blankets around the couch you’ll have the perfect home for the fall.

The front door is the center piece of the exterior of your home. With seasons changing it’s always a good idea to switch out the “center piece”. A beautiful fall wreath and mat is a great place to start. With mud, dirt, and leaves a mat is one of the most practical ways you can get ready for the changing season. Once you’ve got your mat and wreath up then you can start decorating around it with pumpkins and fall colored flowers. Putting out a rocker or two on the front porch for a nice sitting place can give your porch the finishing touch for your fall décor outside.

Most people have either hardwood floors or tile in parts of their house. The colder seasons make those types of floors hard to even want to walk on, especially in the morning. Rugs in the fall and winter are the best option to keeping your feet warm. Placing them strategically throughout the house will help not only in decorating your home for the fall but also give it a very cozy feel. There are many different types of rugs and depending on where in the house you’re wanting to place them will dictate what kind you’ll want to get.

With the colder temperatures, you’ll want to get a couple of throws to place around the family room or on the couch. Change up the color of your home to make it feel more fall like. Getting throws that are red, orange, and dark green help to change the mood of the home. Getting pillows for your couch that complement the fall colors of your blankets give your home the perfect touch. As you’re sitting there in the family room with your fuzzy blanket around you watching a movie, you’ll be wanting to flip on the fireplace or make a real one. At that point, right there you’ve got yourself set up and ready for the season.

So as fall starts to settle in, try and think about the fall colors you want our home to be dressed in for the season. Décor can also be practical too so as you go about your home think where the best places would be to put rugs, blankets and pillows. With the kids in school you’ll be able to plan the perfect fall home. Family time in the fall around the fire is priceless. Green Haven Homes knows how important the beauty of a home is. We know that it’s not just about the things you put in it but about the people how live there. We are dedicated to building beautiful houses that family’s make their home. Check out our available homes today!

By Green Haven Homes 8-30-2017


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