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Messy living room with clothes and other stuff

Messy living room with clothes and other stuff

Life gets busy and it can be so easy to let the home go as we might not have time to tidy things up or maybe we just aren’t as organized as we wish we were. Whichever the case is we all have hopes that we will get organized one day and keep it that way. Green Haven Homes knows that you don’t always want to go out and buy things to organize. So here are some things that are either cheap to get to organize or that can be reused to organize.

Our underneath sink cabinet storage is generally a mess and packed with way too many cleaning supplies than what it can hold. There is an easy solution to this long-time problem though. By getting a tension rod you can place it higher in the cabinet and then hang your cleaner bottles on it. This will help reduce a lot of space underneath to be able to organize what can’t be hung. These tension rods are also good for putting them vertically in cabinets that you have your cutting boards in and then setting them up so that they are like a slot you put each cutting board in.

Magnets! Magnets can be used in so many ways for organization. Whether in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or garage you can use these nifty things to help organize. For the kitchen, you can put up a magnetic strip on the wall and put all your knives on it. This will help to save space in drawers or on the counter top. Another way to use them in the kitchen it put them on bottom of small spice containers and then place them on your refrigerator. This will free up much space in your cabinets. Both things can be applied to your bedroom, bathroom or office. Take a magnetic strip and put it up in your bathroom and place all your metal toiletry items on it.

We all have old CD racks that we no longer use because we have moved onto a more advanced technological age. Instead of getting rid of those old CD racks why not repurpose them and use them to organize your storage lid containers. Magazine racks can be used for a similar purpose but for pot and pan lids.

These few tricks can help you and your family get organized right this year. The key is to maintain the work you put into organizing your home. Have your family help you stay tidy by having them help you put these organization savers in place. Green Haven Homes understands that it can be hard to keep a tidy home because life can get so busy. We build tidy for the working family so check them out today!

By Green Haven Homes 6-13-2017


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