10 Tips To Get Your New Home Ready For Spring

Even though your home is new, there are a few things you can do to get your home ready for Spring and out of the Winter time look. These items are good to do every year, keeping your home looking beautiful and ready for another wonderful Spring!

  1. Clean Out The Garage. You’ve moved in within the year, boxes may still be in your garage from the move. Winter is ending and no matter how long you’ve been in a home, the garage gets cluttered in the this time of year. Pick a nice weekend and throw away all the junk in the garage. Clean the garage from top to bottom. Put things that you will keep back in its place and finish by sweeping and cleaning all the winter debris off your garage floor. Since you are already in the garage it’s a great time to clean your cars too. Inside and out. Get the winter grime off your car-whether that be salt from the streets in the snowy months, or mud from the rain and/or snow.
  2. Power-Wash The Driveway, Walkways, Decks, and Siding. The winter does a number on our home concrete, wood, and siding. Power-wash these outside items to have them looking clean and new again, like the day you moved in. Take the winter grime away! After you’ve power-washed these items it’s a perfect time to take your patio furniture out and clean them up-getting ready for use.
  3. Clean Yard and Inspect Drainage. It’s good to know how your yard drains, starting your first year in your new home. While cleaning debris from your yard that has accumulated this past winter look for low areas with poor drainage. If you find any drainage issues repair them to make sure you don’t have any standing water or run off issues during the spring rains.
  4. Inspect Roof For Damage. The winter storms and high winds can be hard on our roofs. Inspect the roof for any loose or missing shingles.
  5. Inspect and Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts. Check for signs of leaks or loose sections. Even with a new home, it is good to get into a habit of checking each year. Leaky gutters can cause water damage to your home.
  6. Inspect Widows and Doors. Check all weather stripping, seals, glass, and exterior caulking. Replace or repair any damaged areas your find. Re-caulk where needed. Doing this every year will help save money on heating and cooling in your home.
  7. Get Your Garden Ready. Start to plan what you want to plant and where. Start to prep the soil in the garden and put up your planters and trellises. You can also start sprouting your veggies and herbs in plastic cups inside under grow lights-getting a head start on your garden.
  8. Clean Out Your Refrigerator. Thinking of food…cleaning out your refrigerator is good to do every once in a while. Take everything off the shelves and wipe everything down. Look at your expiration dates and throw away all expired food and bottles.
  9. Thoroughly Clean and Air-Out The Home. Open your windows and let the fresh air come rushing in! The clean air in the home is nice after months of a closed home. Clean your rugs, carpets, curtains, and furniture to get rid of all the dust build-up that has accumulated all winter long.
  10. Change Your Home Décor. Even though you just moved in, changing the décor is nice at the beginning of a new season. While doing your spring cleaning, change the arrangement of your furniture, paint a room a new color, add some flowers or plants around the house. Your home will have a new automatic look for the new season.

By Green Haven Homes 1-31-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Improvement, Home Maintenance


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