Why Owning a New Home Is Better Than Renting

The process of renting a home may seem quick and easy compared to buying a home but the reality is, rent prices are going up and will go up every renewal.

Really the rent rates are increasing all across the country. Interest rates, however, are at an all-time low for new homes. If you are looking for a new home, now is the time to move!

The American dream has been the same for generations: that of owning a home! Now with rent rates increasing every few months and the price of owning a home falling, now is the best time to make your move in owning a home! In reality, owning your own home is cheaper than renting one in most cases.

Here are a few more reasons on why owning a home is better than renting:

It’s Your Home-You Can Make Your Own Decisions
No more landlords that chose the paint of your room, choose when it’s time for new carpet, how many pictures you can hang up, or if you can finish the basement. When it comes to home projects, you get to choose when and what with no landlord to go through first. You get to customize your own space in your owned home. As some would say: FREEDOM.

No More Landlord—No One To Kick You Out
Speaking of landlords, there will be none ever again! Doesn’t that have a ring to it? If something needs fixed, you only have yourself to answer to. If you have an idea for a home project, it is just your procrastination that it doesn’t get done. And there’s no landlord to change their mind one day and kick you out. The home is yours.

Rent Increases are Forever Gone
No more worrying about what your landlord will hike the rent price up this time around! When you have a fixed-rate mortgage for YOUR home, your payment stays the same, year after year. Take a look at our Financing Page to see if your monthly payment would be lower than the rent you pay now in one of our homes.

Tax Deductions
When it comes to tax season are you constantly having to pay back money? When you buy a new home, you get tax deductions for simply that. Maybe it’s time to get money in return for once.

Less Furniture to Buy
When moving from apartment to apartment and with rooms changing sizes each time, furniture is always being bought and sold. However, when you buy a home you buy furniture to keep for years in your house. With just a few furniture pieces to make your house feel like a home you are actually spending less in decorating your home with furniture.

By Green Haven Homes 8-29-2016

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