Tile Care for Your Home

Often with a new home you have beautiful tile in your bathrooms and kitchen, but it doesn’t always seem to stay that way for long. Green Haven Homes understand this because we put tile in the homes we build. So, how do you keep it as beautiful as the day you bought it though especially with warmer weather about us? Kids will be in and out bringing in dirt, grass, and of course mud. Then you have the wear and tear from inside. Accidents inside the house happen. Your tile often causes the jar to break and the food goes everywhere. As this continues to happen again and again that beautiful grout color you once had doesn’t always stay so beautiful. It can start to darken over time and you can clearly see the way traffic flows. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your tile and grout beautiful though.

Mop with more than just a bucket and mop head. When you clean tile this way you’re allowing the water to settle in the lower spots of the floor which often is where the grout is. Then the dirty water settles and dries there, embedding it into the grout. So, when you clean your tile and grout make sure to not let it just dry itself. It will take a little extra time but taking a towel and wiping it up helps to ensure that your dirty water isn’t settling where you don’t want it. This will go a long way in keeping your grout clean.

If you still can’t seem to get the grout clean with your mop, then make sure to get a bristle brush with really hot water and soap. Scrubbing at it with hot water and soap will help to break it from the grout. Once this has been done you should always keep an eye on that area if it is a common stop for dirt to get stuck in. By keeping an eye on it you’ll be able to better administer maintenance to it as needed. This will help to keep your tile and grout looking as beautiful as the day you brought the home.

Additionally, when you clean and keep your tile beautiful there are some other key factors that will help make this easier. Tile when first installed is sealed to help keep water from seeping though to the subfloor and make cleaning easier. This sealant over time can be less effective and start to wear off although you can’t see it. The sealant itself is clear. It is advantageous to get your grout, and depending on the tile you have, your tile sealed every couple of years. This will help to maintain its beauty and health.

Green Haven Homes builds homes that are beautiful both inside and out. We know that maintaining a home takes time and effort. We want to help you so that your home stays beautiful for years to come. Take a look at the homes we have available today!

By Green Haven Homes 4-5-2018


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