How to Make Your House a Smart House

As a society, we are diving deeper and deeper into this technological age. First it was smart phones and now you can have smart homes as well! If you have been wanting to implement smart devices into your home, but did not know where to start, Green Haven Homes has you covered. We have put together a handy little list of smart devices to help launch you into this smart home trend.

Smart Hub

If you are going to have any kind of smart device in your home, a smart hub should be it. You can buy a smart hub on its own along with a smart home assistant, but devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home come equipped with smart hub capabilities. So, it may be wise to get the whole shebang in one. These devices are speakers that can do a whole laundry list of things for you. Simply by summoning it with the magic words, (“hey Google”, “Alexa”) you can ask it questions, play music, tell you the weather, set reminders. The list goes on. In addition to this, if you eventually get multiple smart devices, you can sync them together to keep things streamlined.

Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat can be convenient as well as financially wise. Options like the Nest can be paired with your smart assistant device. The Nest is great specifically because it has learning capabilities and will eventually be tuned into your favorite temperatures. Other options like EcoBee4 can help you to monitor temperatures in different rooms of your home. Smart thermostats can be accessed through apps remotely, or you can simply ask your smart assistant to adjust the temp for you. The future is now.

Smart Doorbell

Gaining popularity is the smart doorbell. And for good reason. Smart doorbells like Ring, flaunt features like HD video capabilities and speakers. This way, you will be notified when someone approaches your door. You can see when your kids or packages arrive at home. As well as be alerted to any suspicious activity at your door. You can even speak to people through your doorbell even if you are away at the office. Just another welcomed piece of security brought to you by smart devices.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

When most of us think of the future, robots and hovercrafts are likely to come to mind. More and more, self-sufficient robotic devices are showing up on the mainstream market. One of them being a robotic vacuum cleaner. Brands such as the Roomba have been around for quite some time, but if you are looking for a really smart house, consider other options like the Samsung Powerbot R7070. It is quiet, efficient, and can be synced to your smart home assistant. Outfitted with smart sensors, you can have your home clean before you even come home.

These are just a few examples of devices you can add to your home for convenience and cool points. There are many more like: smart trash cans, smart home cameras, smart lawn mowers, and almost anything else you can think of. If you enjoyed this article, take a look at some of our other blog articles! We have lots of helpful information for homeowners.

By Green Haven Homes 10-3-2019


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