Reasons to Move to Oklahoma City

Are you curious about Oklahoma City because of job offers potentially moving you there? Or are you simply a person who enjoys a change of scenery every now and then? Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, but Green Haven Homes has put together a few reasons why OKC is worth the move.

Best of both Worlds

Do you admire the virtues of both cities and small towns? In OKC you do not have to choose between the two. This city is filled with trendy restaurants and a welcoming startup scene, as well as cowboys and hospitality. So, you do not have to sacrifice comforts and convenience for charm.

Great Schools

If you have children, no doubt, living in a quality school district is high on your priority list. Especially since 2001, this is an area that OKC really shines in. Thanks to the funding program MAPS, most of the schools in the city are either new or freshly renovated. More than just aesthetics, Oklahoma City schools also rank highly in performance and student advancement.

Short Commute

There are many reasons to sing the praises of a city like OKC, but one area it may fall short in is with public transportation. No need to worry though! If you do not work from home and have to drive to work (like most of us do), take heart in the fact that most local commutes average out to about 20 minutes. Compared to the nightmarish traffic in cities like LA and Miami, we’re not complaining about that.

Stable Economy

If you are looking for stability, look no further than OKC! In addition to regularly ranking as one of the top cities in the U.S. for quality of life, Forbes also labeled this gem as “recession-proof”. In recent years, OKC has also become a hot spot for startups. With loads of young professionals and new businesses flocking to the area, the cities economy is not likely to let you down.

We could go on and on. Afterall, we love Oklahoma City. That’s why we call it home. We hope this brief glimpse into OKC has tempted you into coming to our great city. And if you are in need of a home to make memories in, give Green Haven Homes a call! We would love to show you around.

By Green Haven Homes 10-10-2019


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