Dog Care in the Winter

We love our little furry creatures. However, in the winter time it can get a little crazy not being able to let all their energy burn off outside. Let’s face the facts, we don’t really like to go out in the cold if we don’t have to and subject our dogs to going out to go to the bathroom and then to come back in. This can lead to outburst that we come back home to find. Often it’s taken out on our favorite pair of shoes or our beloved couch. So, what are some way to help protect our home and make our little companion happy?

Stimulate the Mind

Make an obstacle course with common household items. Make it difficult. You want to make sure your dog expends his energy along with stimulating his mind in how to get through the obstacle course. This may take a little bit of patience on your part, but it is well worth the effort seeing that your dog is behaving better. At the end of the obstacle make sure to give your dog a treat. If you set it up in a place in your home where it can stay awhile you can continue to work with them on it until it is mastered or mix it up a little each time.

Walk or Run but Inside

It’s official, we don’t want to walk outside in the cold with our dog. That doesn’t mean he can’t be walked though. If you have a treadmill its time to train him to walk or run on it. If you don’t have one, then it might be advantageous to consider getting one. You might be thinking that is a lot of money to spend on my dog but it’s not as much as you’re thinking. You can buy a used one for as low as $50. This will certainly help your dog to make sure he gets his energy out daily.

Play Games

This one is good both for the kids and your pup. One of the best games to play with your dog is a little hide and seek. If you have little ones, then you can knock out the energy of both your dogs and your kids and have a more relaxing evening at the end of it all. By getting your dog’s toy and throwing it so that he runs away, then at that moment run and hide somewhere in the house. Have the kiddos do it too. Then your pup must come and find you throughout the house as you call her name.

Dogs are precious little animals that we love dearly. We also know that you love your home and don’t want it torn to pieces by a board or highly energetic dog. Green Haven Homes give you the perfect selection of homes that will suit you and your little fuzzy one. Built with a fenced in yard, and hard flooring in the kitchen and living room to make for easy clean ups no matter what time of year it is. Take a look at our available homes today!

By Green Haven Homes 1-24-2018


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