Get Your Home Ready for Summer

It’s finally warm again, the birds are singing, shorts are out…but your house is still in winter mode. Here are a few tips to get your house summer ready!

Paint a room that can be your “summer room”, paint it a vibrant color(s). Pick THE summer color or another great summer color such as a muted yellow, soft blue, or a vibrant green. Each of these colors adds some pop to your house perfect for the summer time.

Let the sun shine in your house! A mirror can go a long way, to bring a great amount of sunlight into your house place a large mirror directly where the sun comes in. The living room is a good place for this idea. If your living room or other room is small, this mirror adds light to the room making it look bigger than it actually is, making it perfect for summer.

The first thing anyone sees when visiting you is most likely your front do

or. Add a fresh coat of paint to make it look in tip-top shape; add a summer wreath or new doorbell. Especially if the one you have now does not work. Their first impression will be a good one!

Declutter! It seems that we all save things we don’t need and especially in the winter. It ends up anywhere there is room like the garage, the basement, the attic. Declutter your house-get rid of the knickknacks, the winter blankets, etc. Throw away the things you have not used in the last year. The saying goes if you have not used it in a year, you most likely won’t use it this year. Live by that motto. The less clutter you have the bigger your house actually looks. Clean the garage out, park in the garage again, or make it another room. Paint the walls, but a big screen up. Either a TV or projector will work, and bring the chairs in. Then on a nice summer night have friends over open the garage and have a wonderful evening watching a movie or playing video games.

Low on money? Remember these three R’s: refurbish, repaint, and recycle. Use what you already have. If you want new furniture but don’t have the money, then with the furniture you own now apply the three R’s. Refurbish the old furniture, get it looking good again. Repaint the furniture, or re-stain or reupholster it and recycle. Do it again when you get bored with the furniture again.

These are just a few ideas to get your house summer ready and the best looking house on the block!

By Green Haven Homes 7-19-2016


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