How to Prepare for Storms

Storms are bound to happen this time of year. This can leave a lot of damage to your home and car. This means that you need to be prepared when one comes. Green Haven Homes understands that unforeseen occurrences happen but being in the home building business we also know the tips and tricks to protecting your investments. The homes that we build are meant to last although they aren’t invincible. So, what is the best way to protect your home and car when these storms hit?

  1. Your Car

The best protection you can offer your car is by storing in your garage. However, few people actually are home when a storm hits. More times than not you’re at work. How can you protect your car while it is sitting in an open parking lot? There are several options based on your employer. If you’re able to, getting your car to a close by self-car wash or covered car park is the best option if your home isn’t close by. This will provide you the needed protection for your car. However, if your employer won’t let you wait out the storm with your car protected then the next best option for you is to get a car cover for hail. Yep, it’s a real thing. This can save your car from dents and cracked windshields.

  1. Your Home

Your home is important and damage to it can be costly. A home is much bigger than your car and can’t have a cover put over it when you start to see dark clouds coming. There are some key actions that can be taken to lessen the blow. Protecting your windows is very important. Hail can easily break out the glass. There are covers, shutters, and specified window barriers you can install around your house for when a storm comes unexpectantly. What else can be done though? Well the best way to protect your home is by getting good homeowner insurance. When your home has good protection then there isn’t much you have to worry about other than talking to your insurance provider.

Green Haven Homes knows that storms can cause a major headache. Green Haven Homes build homes that are made to last. Look at the homes we have available today! Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or are wanting to stay in the home you have now make sure to always your home from hail, tornados and strong wind with these tips and tricks.

By Green Haven Homes 6-27-2018


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