How to Save on Heating Cost

The fall and winter bring rising heating bills. Trying to keep the house warm while keeping the heating cost down is a struggle. Finding the balance between the two can be challenging. If you’re trying to keep your heating cost down and save a couple of dollars, then Green Haven Homes is here to help make your dollar stretch as far as possible. There are many ways to help make sure that your heating bill stays down. Here are some of the easiest ways to go about doing so!

Make it Cozy

When changing seasons come about there is a need to switch out a lot of the sheets and bedding that is used. If you’re used to lighter sheets but like to keep the home cooler than most in the winter, then it might be a good time to switch them out. Buying flannel sheets and rugs will help keep you and your home warmer as you walk about and sleep in it. There are also other things that can be bought to help keep the cost down such as insulated curtains and keeping soft blankets everywhere around the house.

Change Filters

Most people tend to forget that their heating unit runs with a filter in it. When this becomes full the heater then has to work extra hard causing the bill to rise. To help save on your utility bill make sure that you change the filter out once a month. This will go a long way in keeping your home healthy and keep the heating bill down while the colder weather is about us. Making sure that your home is in tiptop shape means that you’re also saving a couple of dollars.

Turn it Down, Send it Down

If you’re really wanting to save on your bill, then you will want to make sure that you turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees. It makes all the difference when it comes to the red numbers on that piece of paper at the end of the month. Hot air tends to rise so the air that you do have coming out you want to make sure that you keep at ground level and not in the attic. So, make sure that you reverse the directions of your fans to cause the hot air to be pushed back down at you.

Green Haven Homes understands that money can be tight at times. Make sure that you help keep your heating bill down while keeping your home nice and warm. We build homes that are made to last and stand the test of time whether it be in the summer or the winter. Check out the homes that are available today!

By Green Haven Homes 11-13-2018


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