Ideas For Cold Days

Winter brings about some of the worst weather. When it’s cold out no one wants to leave their warm bed and get out of their pajamas. There are always going to be those days on the weekend where you will be able to stay home and make a big breakfast with the family. This is one thing that the kiddos will always love and remember. As you have a family day of staying in, you’ll probably be wanting to have some games in mind to play throughout the day. Quality time is what makes strong bonds in the family. So, whatever you have going that day, clear your schedule to show the family some love! Here are some ideas to help make it a fun day.

Hot Drinks

Make the day special with allowing the kids try something new. On cold days you just want something nice and warm to drink. The kids have had hot chocolate and apple cider before, which is easy to make but why not make something new. There are many different types of drinks that you can find online that the kiddos will love and some adult drinks for the folks. Take the time to look up what your kids might like and make it for them to have while you watch a movie around the fire.


Movies are great but that doesn’t constitute as quality time with the family. There are a lot of games that you can help the kiddos learn. Pick a game that your parents taught you when you were kids. This way you can 3 generations that can play all together and have fun. Card games seems to be dying with every generation that comes along but that can help build patience, strategery, and team work. If card games aren’t your thing and want some laughs, then breakout twister. This game is sure to get some laughs when you all come crashing down. Board games are also a great option when it comes to quality time with the family.

Whether you have woken up on a Saturday morning to frost, snow, or just cold temperature, surprise the kids with a family day. Green Haven Homes understands that a home means warmth, love, and family. We build homes that allow you to thrive as a family. Call us today to look at the homes we have available today.

By Green Haven Homes 1-2-2019


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